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Billy Joelin parisuhdeohjeet / Billy Joel's relationship tips and advices

Billy Joel on laulanut parisuhteista jo yli neljänkymmenen vuoden ajan. Parisuhteissa on ylä- ja alamäkiä. kuten elämässä yleensäkin. Tässä Billy Joelin parisuhdeohjeita ja kokemuksia vasta-alkajille ja miksei jo vähän kokeneemmillekin.   
Billy Joel has sung about relationships for over forty years. Relationships has its ups and downs. as in life in general. Here's Billy Joel's relationship experiences and advices for beginners and also for more experienced.

Just the way You are (1977)

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you?
I said I love you and that's forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are

She's always a woman (1977)

She will promise you more
Than the Garden of Eden
Then she'll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you're bleedin'
But she'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause she's always a woman to me

Honesty (1978)

When I'm deep inside of me
Don't be too concerned
I won't ask for nothin' while I'm gone
But when I want sincerity
Tell me where else can I turn
Cause you're the one that I depend upon

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you 

My Life (1978)

I never said you had to offer me a second chance
I never said I was a victim of circumstance
I still belong
Don't get me wrong
And you can speak your mind
But not on my time
I don't care what you say anymore this is my life
Go ahead with your own life leave me alone

Stiletto (1978)

She cuts you once, she cuts you twice
But still you believe
The wound is so fresh you can taste the blood
But you don't have strength to leave
You've been bought, you've been sold
You've been locked outside the door
But you stand there pleadin',
With your insides bleedin',
'Cause you deep down want some more
Then she says she wants forgiveness
It's such a clever masquerade
She's so good with her stiletto
You don't even see the blade

You may be right (1980)

Now think of all the years you tried to
Find someone to satisfy you
I might be as crazy as you say
If I'm crazy then it's true
That it's all because of you
And you wouldn't want me any other way

All for Layna (1980)
I’m failing in school
Loosing my friends
Making my family loose their minds
I don’t want to eat
I don’t want to sleep
I only want Leyna, one more time


The Longest Time (1983)
Who knows how much further we'll go on
Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone
I'll take my chances
I forgot how nice romance is
I haven't been there for the longest time

Tell Her about it (1983)

Tell her about it
Let her know how much you care
When she can't be with you
Tell her you wish you were there
Tell her about it
Every day before you leave
Pay her some attention
Give her something to believe

Leave a tender moment alone (1983)

Even though I'm in love
Sometimes I get so afraid
I'll say something so wrong
Just to have something to say
I know the moment isn't right
To tell the girl a comical line
To keep the conversation light
I guess I'm just frightened out of my mind

A Matter of Trust (1986)

Some love is just a lie of the heart
The cold remains of what began with a passionate start
And they may not want it to end
But it will it's just a question of when
I've lived long enough to have learned
The closer you get to the fire the more you get burned
But that won't happen to us
Because it's always been a matter of trust

Baby Grand (1986)

I've come far
From the life I've strayed in
I've got scars
From those dives I've played in
Now I'm home
And I'm weary
In my bones
Every dreary one night stand
My baby grand
Is comin' home with me

I go to Extremes (1989)

Sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I'm shot
Sometimes I don't know how much more I've got
Maybe I'm headed over the hill
Maybe I've set myself up for the kill
Tell me how much do you think you can take
Until the heart in you is starting to break?
Sometimes it feels like it will
Darling I don't know why I go to extremes
Too high or too low there ain't no in-betweens
You can be sure when I'm gone
I won't be out there too long
Darling I don't know why I got to extremes

Shameless (1989)

Well I'm shameless when it comes to loving you
I'd do anything you want me to
I'd do anything at all

And I'm standing here for all the world to see
There ain't that much left of me
That has very far to fall

You know I'm not a man who has ever been
Insecure about the world I've been living in
I don't break easy, I have my pride
But if you need to be satisfied

State of Grace (1989)

But darling there you go, slipping away into a state of grace
Granted, this world is not a perfect place
Still it's the world that I'm in
Here I am talking while
You don't hear a word I say
Knowing you're watching me from far away
Somewhere that I've never been
Don't you see, you lived a different life than me
It don't mean you have to be afraid of how
We're not the same, don't leave me now

Great Wall of China (1993)

 You take a piece of whatever you touch
Too many pieces means you're touching too much
You never win if you can't play it straight
You only beat me if you get me to hate
It must be so lonely to think that you have only
Somebody elses life to live if they let you
I ain't too selective, but it don't take no detective
To find out how fast your friends will forget you

All about Soul (1993)

She waits for me at night, she waits for me in silence
She gives me all her tenderness and takes away my pain
And so far she hasn't run, though I swear she's had her moments
She still believes in miracles while others cry in vain

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