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Where to go in Kuopio: "Hidden" treasure Hietasalo beach

5 km from Kuopio harbour is located Hietasalo island. Island has a long sandbeach and facilities for camping: campfire places, woodsheds, outdoor toilets and so on. Only access to island is by water so if You don’t have a boat, You can go there by lake boats.

M/S Koski takes You to Hietasalo island

 M/S Koski goes to Town of Islands cruise, that stops in Hietasalo if necessary. Just remember to say that You’re going to Hietasalo when You buy a ticket. Trip takes about 30 minutes from harbour to Hietasalo. Return is by M/S Salmetar at 15.10 and 17.10. A return ticket costs 14 €.

Remeber to ask for returnticket

There’s no shops in Hietasalo, so You have to take all neccessary with You. Blancet, swinsuit, food, water and water based drinks, sunblock, matches, sausages and so on. Anything You need for a day trip on the beach. 

Hietasalo island

Hietasalo is ideal for Finnish people: Wonderful beach, where You don’t see You neighbours. You can just imagine to be in a foreign country, drink some beers and swim a little. Best place to be in sunny day in Kuopio.

Best sandbeach in Kuopio
No neighbours. Lovely

All You need is shoes and a radio. And water. And food. And matches. And blancet, swimsuit, sunblock, book, sunglasses........

If You're an ax murderer, ax is on the house

People coming with own boats. Luckily still no neigbours

This is Finnish mentality: No one around but Yourself. On Your own. Peace and quiet

Remember to bring Your sausages

Someone forgot sausages, so this is what happened

M/S Salmetar takes You back to sivilisation.
Don't worry: That crumpy looking man is Your captain

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