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Where to go in Kuopio: Pikku-Pietarin Torikuja

 If You want to see something special in the middle of Kuopio, come to Pikku-Pietarin Torikuja (Pikku-Pietari Market Alley). Long, old building includes little shops, hand-made items, gifts and a cafe. You could also meet Pikku-Pietari himself: A little boy dressed in 1800 century cloathes singing traditional finnish folksongs.

In market alley there’s many peaces of hand-made items, that You can’t get from nowhere else in the world. Like wooden souvenier cork that has text: Kysyjän perseeseen tulppa ( Plug to questioners ass). That’s weird Savo humor but don’t be afraid. Many finnish people don’t understand it either. 

 Savo people are strange but honest, and they tend to laugh behind Your back. In a warm way, of course. Savo people also like to talk a lot so visitors are always welcome to Kuopio. 

One thing You must know: old people don’t speak any other languages than savo but still, they will talk to You willingly. Just say okay and kiitos (thank you) and You’ll do fine.  

Pikku-Pietari himself


Hand-made slingshots

Savo fishing steelyard: shows weight wrong

Handbags made of LP records

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