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What to do in Kuopio: Saaristokatu bicycle route

 If You have time in summer and the sun is shining, go and discover Kuopio by bike. Buy or rent (don’t steal) a bike and take a map with You, Kuopio has hundreds of kilometers of bike routes and views are wonderful. One of the best routes is Saaristokatu, that goes through Saaristokaupunki (the town of islands).

Saaristokatu is 4,5 km long scenic route, that passes through the islands connected by bridges. You don’t need packed lunch or water, because there is many shops and a ice cream kiosk along the way. Just take a wallet and bicycle. 

In Keilakanta there’s a high bridge, where You can see beautiful landscape to Lake Kallavesi and canal. There are also many geocaches along the road and a frisbee golf track in Peikkometsä. Track has many ponds so if You go throwing frisbee make sure that You have floating discs.

Keilakanta bridge and canal

Love locks in Keilankanta bridge

canal to Lake Kallavesi

School of Martti Ahtisaari, former President of Finland 1994-2000 and Nobel Peace Prize winner 2008

Views to Lake Kallavesi along the road

Bicycle route is isoleted from car road

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