lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2016

Lazy Bonez

In series of my hometown (Kuopio) bands may I introduce to You: Lazy Bones.

Lazy Bonez live in Henry's Pub Kuopio 30.01.2016

Lazy Bonez started in 2012. Tommi Salmela (vocals) and Janne Tolsa (keyboards) are also members of metalband Tarot. Rest of the band: Topi Kosonen (drums), Mikko Niiranen (guitar), Markku Mähönen (guitar), Jaakko Kauppinen (bass) and Heikki Polvinen (keyboards).

Band has released two albums: Vol. 1 (2013) and Alive (2015)

Lazy Bonez plays melodic heavy metal influensed by 1980’s metalbands. You can check it out here (live gigs in 2016):

19.03:  Hevimesta, Oulu
01.04:  On the Rocks, Helsinki
14.05:  TBA
09.07:  Lankafest, Puolanka

Special quest: Zachary Hietala on guitar (from Tarot)

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