perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2015

What to do in Kuopio: Disc Golf

Disc golf is a flying disc game, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target. Kuopio has two disc golf courses: Peikkometsä and Huuhanmetsä. I recommend Huuhanmetsä, because it's new and near city center (about 1,5 km).
Huuhanmetsä has 4 tracks and 24 targets, so it meets the standards for racing. The game is free for charge. All You need is some discs, outdoor cloathing, good shoes and mosquito spray

Peikkometsä is an old course in Petonen, about 6 km from Kuopio. Peikkometsä has some ponds, so You must have some floating discs or get ready to lose some discs in a water. 

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