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What to do in Kuopio: Geocaching

If you don’t know, what geocaching is, look at the link below this blog. Basically there are lots of treasures hidden all over the city and you need a GPS-map to find those.

Here was one geocache

Today we went to see some caches we haven’t found yet. First place was Itä-Suomen hovioikeus. Last time we circuled around the yard and didn’t find anything. But it was late in the evening and very little daylight left. Now the sun was shining and it was rather easy to find the cache. We didn’t knew, that it’s gonna be only find today.

This has nothing to do with geocaching. But because I wrote in English I though it would be nice...

Another geocacher behing the trafficsign

At old Läänin sairaala we bumped with shady character. He seemed to search for something. Hey, another geocacher! Atmosphere was tense because one of the laws of geocaching is, that you should never reveal what you're doing. So we said nothing or even looked at each other. Just walking by minding our own business. So mysterious…

It's somewhere here but we didn't find it

Where the hell is geocache at Trust Kapital Arena?
 Trust Capital ice rink was tough one too. We find nothing. Frustrated and feeling cold we turned around and return home. Have to come back some another day.

So if You like geocaching You’ll find, that there is few hundred objects around Kuopio. Take your GPS-map, comfortable shoes and walk around the city. Most of the caches are at places that are worth visiting.

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