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Where to go in Kuopio: Väinölänniemi recreation venue

Väinölänniemi is just 2 km from city center. It's a recreation venua situated in peninsula surrounded by Lake Kallavesi. In wintertime you can ski or skate around Väinölänniemi on icy lake. Summertime there’s much more activities. 

Skiing tracks and skating rinks surrounds Väinölänniemi at winter time

Väinölänniemi in wintertime

Väinölänniemi has an athletics and football stadium. This summer Finnish athletics championship, Kalevan Kisat, will be held in that stadium 31.7 – 3.8.2014. 

Väinölänniemi athletics stadium
Statue of long-distance runner Hannes Kolehmainen, four times olympic gold medalist in 1912 and 1920

If the weather is fine and sun is shining, Väinölänniemi beach is place to be. There are two places for swimming. Beach has also snack bar and has lifeguard supervision.

Väinölänniemi beach

If You don't be careful, ducks will eat Your lunch

Best way to spend a day in Väinölänniemi is going to the beach and just relax. Swim in a lake, walk around peninsula and enjoy the landscape. Take a picnic in a hut nearby water and in the afternoon take a round of tennis, volleyball or basketball.

Tennis court. Picture taken in spring

Summer hut in Väinölänniemi

Lake Kallavesi

Bridge leads from Väinölänniemi to Island Rönö

Try Google translate

Picture taken 26.4.2014. Water temperature about + 4 c

There are also some geocaches in Väinölänniemi

Every summer Kuopio’s rockfestival, Kuopio RockCock, is held in Väinölänniemi. This years headliner is the Scorpions. RockCock in 25. 26.7.2014.

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