perjantai 6. joulukuuta 2013

JFK in Heaven

JFK was shot in Dallas 1963 and went to Heaven. St Peter welcomed him and gave him a brand new Cadillac with a personal driver.

- We have miles and miles of highways here in Heaven. So JFK, now You can drive around and enjoy the scenery.

JFK was happy and jumped in to the car. Car left and for years, JFK drived around Heaven and clouds.
In 1982 former President of Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, died and went to Heaven. St Peter welcomed him also and gave him a car. So after a while, Leonid was also driving in Heaven's highway. JFK and Leonid met in an intersection. JFK asked his driver to stop and went to talk with Leonid. 

- Hello Leonid. So You got here also. I'm surprised.
- So I did, Leonid reply. - I'm kinda surprised too. 
- I got my self a brand new Cadillac and a driver. This is Heaven alright.
- I got my self a Lada, Leonid said a bit of anger in his voice. - They didn't gave me a driver though, so I have to drive myself.
- That's a pity.

They were in silence for a while, thinking about what to say. There's not much happening in Heaven, You see. Finally Leonid remembered:

- So JFK. I know You and many other people here. I have seen Gandhi, King George VI and so one. You got Cadillac, I got Lada but I wonder.... Do You know, who was that bald man, who was repairing his bicycle on the side of the road few miles from here?

(Olen huomannut, että blogissani on kävijöitä aina Yhdysvaltoja ja Etelä-Koreaa myöten, joten ajattelin ilahduttaa heitä laittamalla tähän yhden käännösvitsin Kekkosesta)

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