torstai 12. joulukuuta 2013


I want to take a chance to promote my hometown heavy metal band TAROT.

Tarot was founded in 1982, so it's the oldest still touring metal band in Finland. Band members are Pecu Cinnari drums, Marco Hietala bass and vocals, Zachary Hietala guitar, Tommi Salmela keyboards and vocals and Janne Tolsa keyboards.

Band has made nine studio albums in 30 years. They tour occasionally, not even every year. Reason for this is Marco Hietala. He is better known as singer and bassplayer in metalband NIGHTWISH. So Tarot is more or less his side project nowardays.

Tarot has toured all around the world but still has status of a cult or margin band. That is strange, because if You listen to Marcos voice and dark, heavy sounds of this band I'm sure You will be hooked. That is of cource, if you like this kind of heavy music.

Next time You can see TAROT live in Henry's Pub Kuopio 26.12.2013

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