maanantai 20. tammikuuta 2014

Winter in Kuopio

Here is some pictures of my hometown this weekend. It was about -12 celsius and sunny weather.

Kuopio Cathedral (built 1812)
Ranin Mill (built 1883)
Old Provincial governmenthouse (built 1882)
Steamboat in Kuopio harbour
Kuopio's oldest stone apartment, nowerdays restaurant Sataman Helmi (built 1850)
Kuopio Museum (built 1907)
Brahe park
Old stone building in centrum (built 1881)
Kuopion Lyseo schoolhouse (built 1826)

Market Hall (built 1902)
Piece of Market Hall relief
Kuopio Art Museum (built 1904)
Kuopio city hall (built 1885)

Observatory (built 1962)

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